Game Changer Nail Polish

I didn’t lie in the title of this post…this polish is truly a “game changer”.

Why is it a game changer?  Because in my time of wanting beautifully painted nails, I have spent hundreds of dollars on a professional manicure as well as professional grade products from the stores like Sally’s.

I had peeling, flaking nails, they were thin and brittle When I would go to the Salon (and pay big, huge bucks) for Gel polish, it would peel off in one solid piece. I even invested money buying my own products from Sally’s, and STILL it would come off after about two days.

How exiting when I happened upon Gel Moment and took a risk to give it a try.

The first thing I noticed was the cute little lamp.


Then, all these beautiful colors – OMG, I was foaming at the mouth for Silver Marlin.


So much to love for me. I was obsessed and had to peel myself away from the computer. I took a risk and placed an order because I could see it was “chemical free” and the bottle promised 15 manicures. It promised that I could have a full manicure from the comfort of my own home in just a few minutes.

Could it really be true?

More to come…

But I leave you with this.



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