Dear Diary

I have a problem.

No really, I do. You might think it’s silly. But that’s only because it’s not a problem for you.

I’ve spent entirely too much time being serious. The challenge for me is going to be to make sure that I schedule more “fun” things for me to do in my life.  I like to get things “done” – in fact I feel very awesome about myself if I do get everything “done”. But if you were to put a something like “blowing bubbles in the park” on my list, you would likely get met with a look on my face of

Say what?

Like, tell me again, why would we want to do this? Just ask my friend, Ronda. I had told her that I needed to make sure to have more fun in my life and while we were walking, she pulled out a thing of bubbles saying “I brought these for you, Tiffanie”.

I hesitantly grabbed the bubble thingy and gave it a try, and passed it off just as quickly to my friend, Melissa. It was at that moment that I realized that seriously, like I have a problem.  I need to allow myself to just relax and enjoy life more.

So I challenged myself today.

I decided to fore-go my usual “to do list” on my lunch hour.   Instead, I chose to go to the Library and pick up a book that I’ve had my eye on. After a while, I find myself at this little park. I roll down the windows. The beauty is everywhere. The breeze is perfect. The birds are chirping. I pull out my lap top, because not much brings me as much Joy in my life as writing.

I have the ideas just bursting in my fingers and need to simply get them pounded out. I wonder what keeps me?

I breathe in and observe the following scene:


And in Life’s true ironic form, a man drove by and hollered out his window

You can’t park there!”

I look up and sure enough, I’m parked in a “no parking zone”.

I move my car.

Oh, life.

You crack me up.