Getting Published Takes Matzi


Just like the blooming of this tree that lives in my front yard, I am having fresh and new ideas in my heart right now.  I’ve begun the process of sorting out my thoughts towards the first story that is jumping inside of me trying to get out.

I’m trying right now to decide which direction to go, and the way I see it, there are three options on how my book could come out.


Option 1:  Not so sure about this one

Write the story as it truly happened.    However, the drawback on this is that I would have to list real names and people and this could hurt others.  Since hurting others will never be my intention, this option may not be viable.

Option 2:  A real, live, grown up Novel?

Write the story as a Novel.  This would be fun because I could take liberty in parts and really get creative and add many things to the story line.  I could take the characters wherever they want to go and really have fun in the process.  I really like this option the most  because what’s in my heart is to write an inspiring novel like Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers.  She took a hard story and turned it in to a spiritual solution without being overly “religious” – which I definitely don’t want to do!   I just know in my heart that there are ways to share and touch people with bringing in the spiritual aspect that can give hope, and that is my ultimate goal.

Option 3:  Non-Fiction Self Help

I could write it as a Non-Fiction Self Help book.  Now this would be good as well because I could offer true and practical tips and help.  This one would require tons and tons of research and the like – but what a fun challenge.


In the end, I realize more than ever that it really takes courage to write anything at all.  I probably have this on my mind as I’ve been reading Courage to Write.  What a wonderful book for anyone to read before they would set out to publish a book.  I think just the fact that I am “aware” that the fear can be there,  gives me strength to go ahead instead of allowing myself to be paralyzed n the fear.

Even just pushing publish on this post requires a certain amount of steel.


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